Spark Family of
Noise Dosimeters

Personal Noise Dosimeters that provide ease-of-use, compact size and ergonomic design for compliance worldwide noise exposure regulations.

Spark series dosimeters are compact, affordable and tamper-proof personal Noise Dosimeter that measures the following to applicable IEC and ANSI standards:

  • Noise Exposure: Multiple Dose; Projected Dose; Time Weighted Average; (all with 4 user selectable combinations of Exchange Rate, Threshold, Criterion Level and Criterion Time); Sound Exposure Level
  • Sound Levels:; Leq; Lmax; Lpeak/Luwpk, SEL and more
  • Time and number of events above ceiling level (115 dB) and Peak Level (140 dB)


  • Intrinsic Safety approvals: Class I, Div I, Group C&D, Class II Div I Group E,F,G, Class III, Div. I Group, and MSHA Permissible (Conforms to UL Std. 913, Certified to CAN/CSA Std. C22.2 No. 157)  ATEX Approved version available
  • Up to 100 hour battery capacity (except 705 and 705+)
  • Time history and Overall data logging – downloads to PC using Blaze Software (except 704)
  • Data is stored in non-volatile memory – never loses data due to depleted battery
  • Selectable Frequency weightings and Detector settings
  • Measurement range 40dB to 143dB (RMS) 80dB to 146dB (Peak)
  • Measure to the requirements of ANSI S1.4-1983, S1.25-1991, IEC 60651-1 1979, 60804-1985, 61252-am1-2000

Model 703+ Noise Dosimeter

Spark 703+ has all the standard features PLUS the ability to be controlled, interrogated and downloaded by the 706RC Dosimeter/Remote Controller.  This gives you the ultimate combination of tamper-proof wear-ability and affordability with on-demand display and control functionality.  Standing up to three feet from the worker, you can instantly connect the 706RC using infrared remote compatibility to check results, view data, even stop and start a test!

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Model 705+ Noise Dosimeter

Arguably the “World’s Toughest” dosimeter!  Spark 705+ has a housing capable of being run over by a full-sized (6,000 lb) SUV – its sealed aluminum extruded case offers the ultimate in tamper-proof survivability – in any environment! Similar in operation to the Model 703+, the 705+ is a cost-effective data-logging personal dosimeter that thrives when the going gets tough!

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Model 706RC Noise Dosimeter

Spark 706RC is the fully-featured self-contained dosimeter that provides ease-of-use, sleep ergonomic design and full on-board data logging, along with a backlit LCD display and lockable keypad.  The 706RC delivers over 100 hours of continuous exposure monitoring on two standard AA Alkaline batteries and can store over 30 days of data in its huge 4MB memory.

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