Ultrasound compressed air, gas, and vacuum leak detector. Steam trap and electrical installation control.


Hear, See, Measure, Shoot, Record.  The LEAKSHOOTER LKS1000 has been designed to show you in real time on a visible scene the location of gas / air leaks with visual dynamic real time target.

The dynamic target will change in size and colour according to the severity of the leak from yellow to red dB RMS and MAX values are continuously measured and displayed on a colour and digital bar graph.  Possibility to take up to 1000 scene pictures and store them.  Pictures can be downloaded to a PC.


LEAKSHOOTER LKS1000 has the capabilities of detecting not only compressed air leaks but also oxygen, azote, steam, installations, Vacuum Systems, Electrical Partial Discharges, Corona Effects, Electrical Tracking, Seal Integrity, Tightness Test.

The production of compressed air is expensive.  Compressed air is widely used and an effective propellant for many types of machines used in various locations within many industries such as; Automotive, Hospital Services, Laboratories, Shipping, Heavy Engineering Plants, etc.

Compressed air (and other gases) are at the same time a very large cost to a company’s budget each year.  It is therefore imperative and sensitive to continuously inspect the company’s air, vacuum or gas installations.  A leakage test may prevent from more severe and costly problems.

Traditional Leak Detectors

The limits of the traditional ultrasonic compressed air leak detectors :

– You’re working blind, concentrating on listening .
– There is no possibility to clearly document the results of the survey of compressed air leaks on your installations.

The LEAKSHOOTER is going far beyond these limits, adding for the first time the VISION to the AUDITION.
With the LEAKSHOOTER you will easily find the smallest compressed air, gas, and vacuum leaks, check the steam traps, and detect electrical defects.

What’s Included

LEAKSHOOTER LKS1000 standard package includes the following

  • Camera
  • Battery Charger
  • Helmet with connecting cord
  • USB Cable
  • Suitecase


The unusually high measurement sensitivity makes it possible to detect leakages of 0.1 millimeters at 3 bar at a distance of 20 meters.  However, the potential applications of the LEAKSHOOTER go far beyond detecting compressed air leaks.  It can also reveal diverse errors in the electrical engineering sector.