Motor Vibration
Detect mechanical & electrical motor faults with vibration monitoring instrumentation.

Pumps & Submersible Pumps
Highlighting hermetic sensors for pump cavitation, recirculation & resonance.

Paper Machines & Conveyors
Sensors built to survive hot, wet and debris filled environments.

Combustion Dynamics Instrumentation
For the most demanding gas turbine measurement & monitoring requirements

Protecting Cooling Towers & HVAC Systems
Reliable and cost-effective vibration monitoring solutions for cooling fans and other low frequency equipment.

Mining Equipment Monitoring & Protection
Sensors approved for hazardous locations, underground mining, corrosive and high temperature areas.

Instrumentation built to survive in grease & grime and pickup gear mesh faults.

Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring & Assessment
Sensors and instrumentation for permanent installation and testing of wind turbines and turbine components.

Oil & Gas Wells and Pipelines
Sensors for natural gas supply & petrochemical industry.

Vibratory Screens & Feeders
Meeting the demands of environmental vibration measurement & trending applications.

Reciprocating Machinery
Sensors optimized for the unique challenges of protecting & monitoring reciprocating machinery.

Machine Tool Spindles 
Eliminate the guesswork, use vibration trends to change tooling efficiently.

Steel Rolling & Annealing
Sensors that stand up to the harsh, high temperature and extreme environments of steel mills.

Nuclear Power Instrumentation
Sensors featuring the radiation hardened approvals necessary for nuclear power environments.

Shock Monitoring
Miniature embeddable accelerometers for monitoring shock in critical shipping containers.


Whole-Body Vibration
Whole body vibration is caused by vibration transmitted through the seat or the feet by workplace machines and vehicles.

Hand-Arm Vibration
Hand arm vibration is caused by vibration transmitted into the hand and arms through the plam and fingers.