Get control over your valuable tools and equipment.

ToolHound provides a powerful Tool and Equipment Management System that allows construction, maintenance and repair organizations to gain control of their tools and equipment inventory.

Designed for companies with multiple locations and assets, ToolHound Onsite is a robust, browser-based application with a powerful Microsoft® SQL backend database. ToolHound Onsite uses the power of the Internet or your corporate intranet to allow asset visibility in all locations. Enjoy cost savings, operating efficiencies and overall peace of mind through effective, easy-to-use monitoring, tracking and location of your valuable assets. ToolHound helps companies of all sizes maximize tool and equipment utilization and improve productivity by ensuring the right tool is in the right place when it is needed. Using a comprehensive tool, location, and employee database, coupled with a simple and accurate bar code or RFID based transaction system, ToolHound tracks the issue and return of assets to contractors and employees, and the transfer of assets between various warehouse, job-site and tool room locations.

Track Assets

Track an unlimited number of assets by monitoring serialized, consumable and non-consumable assets such as tools, parts, equipment and supplies.

Quick Issue & Return

Check-out and return assets efficiently and accurately with wireless scanners.  Provides a complete history of all asset usage by item and employee.

No Number Limitations

ToolHound allows an unlimited number of employees, tools, consumables and equipment.

Bar Code & RFID Enabled

ToolHound can collect data from bar codes or radio frequency ID tags to greatly enhance data entry speed and accuracy.

Monitor & Schedule Maintenance

Track items needing repair, maintenance or calibration.  Schedule an unlimited number of service tasks, track the cost and complete service history for all tools and equipment.

Custom Report Writer

Aside from preset Reports users are able to generate custom reports, save the format and print it as required.

“ToolHound was the best product we could find on the market to fit our needs,” Jim Reynolds case study
“We want to control 99%-100% of our tools.” Jeff Bowes case study
“It retrieves information quickly… and I can set a variety of paremeters.” Eugene Boyko case study

ToolHound Mobile

Rugged mobile computers with integrated bar code / RFIDreading capability allow users to process issues, returns and other transactions from anywhere, translating into increased flexibility and efficiency. These hand held devices collect transaction information and transfer this information to the ToolHound database either as a batch of transactions through a docking station linked to a PC, or through a wireless LAN in real time.

Dolphin 99EX

Self-Service Kiosk

Scanning kiosks are stationary terminals that are ideal for introducing self-serve tool and equipment check-out and return. The devices are similar to those found in ‘big-box’ stores for self-serve price checks.

The ToolHound Kiosk software provides a very simple and efficient interface for employees, and manages real-time updates of the ToolHound database through a wired or wireless connection to the PC or network.

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Maintenance Module

Monitors and schedules maintenance of items needing service.  Full reporting for service due, outstanding repairs, meter readings, maintenance histories, and much more.

Purchasing Module

Automates reordering by monitoring inventory levels.  Track consumables efficiently and effectively and report on usage history.

External Rental Module

Simply scan a tool out and scan it back upon return.  The ToolHound 5 Rental Module does the rest, calculating rental charges for the time the item was checked out.

Internal Rental Module

Manages internal custom rental rates and inventory transfers to your own specifications.  An efficient rental system that automates rental charges with flexible bill by project reporting.

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