Measurement and
Sensing Technologies

Stay Operational

Aerospace and Defence

Supply of various products for Ground Testing of Aircraft and Defence Vehicles, Flight Test Sensors, Underwater Vibration and Pressure Sensors, Explosive, Gun & Impact Testing and many more.


Products for monitoring Gas Turbines, Wind Turbines, Nuclear Power Plants, Cooling Towers & HVAC Systems, Reciprocating Machinery, Oil & Gas Wells & Pipelines, Hydroelectric Power plants and much more.


Supply of various Environmental Noise Monitoring, Noise Enforcement, Occupational Noise Evaluation, Industrial Hygiene, Audiometer Calibration, Building Acoustics, Product Noise & Vibration Testing.

Food and Beverage

Products that are an integral part of your predictive maintenance program. The use of sensors and equipment for early identification of developing equipment faults. Monitor Conveyors, Pumps, Fans and Motors.

Rail and Road

Profile Rails, Wheel, Brake, Switches. Measure vertical force load from each wheel, Monitor wheel / rail interaction and more.


Simplicity. Budget Friendly. Industry Expertise.  Pre-configured kits for Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Acoustics, and Physics Programs.  Discounted sensor kits, Instructors guide, Technical posters, Classroom lecture by a PCB Expert.

Mining and Cement

Sensors allowing you to check Vibration, Strain, Force, Pressure, Load and Torque.  Other products include but are not limited to Electrodynamic Vibration Shakers, Impact Hammers, Vibration Analyzers, Vibration Meters, and Structural Testing Systems.


Our team’s technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, ensure that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.  Service’s include: Sensor calibration, Vibration analysis and ODS, Ground & structural vibration monitoring, Noise monitoring, Product trainings & seminars.